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Camp Creep

Episode 2 / 31st Mar, 2022

Great Lakes Confidential

Episode 42 / 14th Oct, 2022

Dead Waves

Bonus / 25th Dec, 2022


Episode 153 / 20th Mar, 2023

You Made Me Watch

Episode 150 / 25th Mar, 2023

The Burt Selleck Podcast

Episode 138 / 26th Mar, 2023
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Celebrate some of the best comedians, storytellers, and thinkers from the Metro Detroit area. Featuring:

The Burt Selleck Show - A roundtable discussion of current events and general stupidity.

Camp Creep - A nostalgic look at anthology horror with a feminist point of view.

Dead Waves - An improvised comedy about a paranormal radio call-in advice show.

Great Lake Confidential - Your roadmap through the history and folklore of Michigan.

TRUTHcast - Beavis and Butthead meets the X-Files in this improvised homoerotic soap opera about conspiracy culture.

You Made Me Watch - A light-hearted and cross generational look at movies.